Senior Director, SAB International

Suhail Yaqub

Suhail Yaqub has been a banking technology professional working in the Gulf for over 25 years, both for consumers and purveyors of banking technology. He is dedicated to the concept of IT, in all its manifestations, now being a core function of a financial institution and the need for IT to directly enhance the institution’s competitive edge and reduce its risks. He works for the French group SAB, a leading provider of software for banks & financial institutions, as senior director of pre-sales consulting for its international arm. Prior to joining SAB, he served as the Group CIO for the Investment Dar Group, in which capacity he worked to create technological & operational synergy between group companies in Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, and the UK, in addition to helping open the first Islamic Bank in Syria as its interim CIO.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science, post-graduate diploma in Islamic banking & insurance, post-graduate certificate in business management, and is a certificated project manager.