Under the patronage of HRH Prince Khalifa Bin Salman Al Khalifa, The Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Bahrain


New Realities, New Opportunities

22nd Annual World Islamic Banking Conference

WIBC2015: Growth of Islamic Finance – A 40 Year View

Held under the patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Khalifa Bin Salman Al Khalifa, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Bahrain, we welcome you to the 22nd Annual World Islamic Banking Conference 2015 held in the Gulf Hotel, Kingdom of Bahrain on 1, 2 and 3 December 2015.

Organized by Middle East Global Advisors (MEGA) and supported by the Central Bank of Bahrain, WIBC 2015 harnesses the power of technology, social media & cutting-edge research to give delegates a powerful outlook to the trends shaping the global financial services industry.

One unique aspect to be discussed is the role of technology in delivering financial services – as a bridge towards greater financial inclusion of the 72% of Muslims around the world who do not have access to financial services. Alongside this important goal is how to better integrate Islamic finance not just within Muslim communities but to reach out and recognize the opportunity for building an industry that is no longer viewed as a niche but which works in both non-Muslim majority countries and with the broader responsible investing and finance sector.

New Realities, New Opportunities

For the past decade, the ground has been continuously shifting. The year ahead brings a possibly more challenging period. With emerging markets currencies hemorrhaging, Chinese growth slowing and oil prices at record lows, the task for the industry is to challenge itself to find new opportunities for growth and connect with markets that offer strong long-term value propositions for the industry’s growth proposition.

wibc map_TRANS

For Banking and Finance Leaders:

• Where are the growth markets that offer the strongest opportunity?
• What financial technologies are needed to gain market share in unbanked markets?
• How do you extend the Islamic banking proposition to new customers?

For Asset Managers:

• How do you navigate 2016 protecting capital while achieving solid growth?
• What will be the impact of currency volatility on your foreign exchange exposures?
• Which countries and markets will outperform? Underperform?
• How are other industry leader’s tackle Basel III?
• What is the outlook for Sukuk in 2016?

Conference Objectives

  • Focus on industry growth and its impact

    • Identify appropriate metrics measuring the state of the Islamic finance industry – do assets & profits suffice or should we couple growth with authenticity?
    • Discuss challenges facing Islamic finance as it supports financial inclusion and ways to overcome the 72% unbanked Muslim population.
  • Recognize Success

    Recognize consistent quality performance of institutions against a variety of metrics

  • Acknowledge shortcomings and deliver change

    Identify solutions to avoid repeating mistakes and innovations that will support success.

  • Deliver fact-based insights

    Use concrete facts to understand the present and shape the future strategic direction of the industry.

  • Highlight market opportunities

    Drive expansion into new markets and collaboration with other ethically-driven financial sectors.

  • Drive actionable dialogue and connectivity

    • Facilitate dialogue between technology innovators, financial practitioners and regulators to unlock the keys to widespread adoption.
    • Facilitate a two-way interaction to map out future needs and areas where technology has yet to offer a solution.

Content Structure and Format

The programme and content of WIBC 2015 has been structured with a recognition of the transition that is underway in the Islamic financial services industry as it marks its 40th anniversary.  Rather than simply celebrating the success of creating—from the ground up—a nearly $2 trillion industry, WIBC will start with a critical review at the lofty ambitions that drove the foundation of the Islamic finance industry and ask what could be done better in the future to realize the vision that the founders set out to create.

In doing so, WIBC aims to generate original insights to plan for the next 40 years and encourage industry engagement to identify the key opportunities and challenges that must be overcome.

The breakout sessions across the two days are arranged in two simultaneous streams giving the option to delegates to either attend banking and finance sessions or asset management sessions.



Content Structure - Banking And Asset Management Streams

The breakout sessions across the two days are arranged in two simultaneous streams giving the option to delegates to either attend banking and finance sessions or asset management sessions.

For asset managers, the objective is to provide a holistic view of opportunities in 2016 from the perspective of asset allocation.

For bankers, the objective is to provide perspective on the leadership challenges in banking, including a ground-breaking report on human capital in the Islamic finance by Simply Sharia Human Capital.

WIBC Leaderboard And Performance Awards – Independent And Empirical Performance Assessment

The WIBC Leaderboard, a first of its kind performance assessment, will provide high visibility rankings of Islamic banks and financial institutions based on an aggregate performance index. This aggregate index holistically ranks the entities on the basis of stability, performance and governance measures. The WIBC Leaderboard, and particularly the aggregate performance ranking, will form the basis for the WIBC Performance Awards, to be announced at the Gala Dinner of the conference.

Impact And Growth Acceleration

During the past 21 years, the WIBC has played a critical leadership role in shaping discourse around the Islamic financial industry’s development and growth and this year’s event will not just look at what the future holds for Islamic finance but will challenge industry participants to accelerate the growth and find ways to make its impact broader than just the bottom line.

Beyond The Niche

A key focus at WIBC 2015 is identifying ways in which Islamic finance operates as a sector within a broader ethical finance industry and finding opportunities to benefit from collaboration with other ethical finance sectors to break into the mainstream.

WIBC App – Connect And Engage Like Never Before

WIBC 2015 features the exclusive launch of a newly designed native app for Android and Apple smart phones that allows you to connect, email and schedule appointments with other industry leaders, vote on issues that matter and attend the sessions that matter to you.

Financial Technology – Disruption Or Value Added Partnerships

A key focus in 2015 are dedicated sessions which explore how new financial technology innovations are likely to impact the future opportunities for Islamic finance and how financial institutions can advance growth through the use of financial technology.

These include sessions covering crowd funding, mobile money, robo-advisors, bit coin and many more of the innovations that shape the financial industry for the years to come.

Exclusive Research Report Launches - Strategic Intelligence Platform

Topping the agenda in 2015 will be deep insights gained from evidence-based research presented by Ernst and Young, Thomson Reuters, as well as the inaugural Finance Forward Islamic Finance Outlook 2016. The 9 exclusive reports launched at WIBC 2015 include the following:

• WIBC Ernst and Young World Islamic Banking Competitiveness Report 2015
• ICD Thomson Reuters Islamic Finance Development Report 2015
• Barwa Thomson Reuters Sukuk Perceptions and Forecast Study 2016
• Finance Forward Islamic Finance Outlook Report 2016
• 4 x Islamic Finance Country Report Launch – Kazakhstan, Sudan, Canada and Indonesia

• Simply Sharia Human Capital report entitled “The Human Capital Challenge: Shaping the Future”


WIBC is also proud to host the launch of 4 country reports by Thomson Reuters in collaboration with IRTI, CIBAFI and each country’s representatives. Get the latest up to date insights on the growth opportunity in each market along with empirical survey data on each market’s consumer and corporate banking preferences.

These reports will give you all the intelligent insights you need to make your critical decisions, whether you are a banking leader, asset manager, sukuk investor or just an industry leader who needs a bird’s view of the future.

Key Event Features & Programme Content

  • IIFM Capital Markets Pre-conference Seminar

  • Islamic Finance Country Outlook and Report Launches by Thomson Reuters, IRTI and CIBAFI – Kazakhstan, Sudan, Canada and Indonesia

  • WIBC Leaderboard and WIBC Performance Awards

  • Two breakout streams: Banking and Finance Leadership OR Asset Management

  • Asset allocation outlook 2016

  • Onstage interview with an Industry pioneer

  • Global Guru Thinker/Speaker

  • Women Leaders and Innovation in Islamic Finance

  • CEO Debate: Will Islamic finance grow exponentially or limp along?

  • Financial services innovation: Mpesa, Bitcoin, Digital Banking and Crowdfunding

  • Exclusive launch of 9 unique intelligence reports

  • One-to-one meeting organisation offering for sponsors

Who Should Attend?

The 22nd World Islamic Banking Conference will bring together leading market players, industry experts, and leaders. The attendee profiles include:

  1. International business leaders offering Islamic financial products
  2. Ministers, policymakers, political leaders, senior government officials from countries with Islamic financial institutions or links to the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) countries
  3. Technology company C-level executives, business development managers
  4. Innovators in the financial technology sector
  5. Ethical finance leaders with current or potential operations in OIC countries
  6. Business specialists  and professionals, mid-level management, business development managers, analysts, risk professionals in the Islamic finance sector
  7. Senior representatives of multilateral bodies,
    policy making, stakeholder,  infrastructure and export finance/export promotion institutions
  8. Shariah scholars and advisors
  9. Lawyers and legal experts
  10. Professors, academics and journalists

Why Attend?

  1. Largest and most prestigious gathering of Islamic banking and finance leaders in the world
  2. Connect one-to-one with senior industry leaders, partners and institutional investors
  3. Stay abreast of the most pressing issues in the Islamic banking and finance industry
  4. Stay ahead of the technology and innovation forces shaping the financial services industry
  5. Build relationships with counter parties from all over the world


Why Sponsor?

  1. Showcase your institution’s capabilities to decision makers across the global Islamic banking and finance industry

  2. Enhance visibility of your brand in front of global leaders in Islamic banking and finance

  3. Acquire lucrative deals and investment mandates from Islamic financial institutions

  4. Engage in high value partnerships with global financial institutions looking to enter emerging markets

  5. Direct yield – One to one meetings organised on your behalf with potential partners

WIBC Performance Awards

Congratulations to the winners of the
WIBC Performance Awards!


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